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How to Make Molds for Plastic Items at Home

Usually we think of making molds for plastic items as something only done by factories and we think about the big fancy injection molding machines that factories have to use in order to make their molds. I bet you didn’t know that you can do the same thing right in your own home. You can make a plastic mold for anything conveniently and simply by using things you have at home. Making plastic molds has been a long time hobby for people who like to make die casts, small toys, and even model airplanes with breakable plastic parts. When a plastic piece is damaged on any of these small treasures, a hobbyist will then be able to reproduce the broken piece by using a plastic mold.

First you will want to decide what shape you’re going to need to create. Choose a template from your existing piece or you could also make a template for your project out of clay. If you do choose to use clay, be careful because it is a weak substance. You will want to spray it with a clear sealer and let it dry to make it more sturdy and easy to work with.

Next you will want to create a basic molding box with no lid.  You can use pieces of wood or even Legos from your home. You want your template object to have a little space around the sides. ¼ of an inch clearance will do. You then want to use silicone RTV rubber and a catalyst. You can just follow the directions on the package. You then want to press your template into your mixture or your plastic material. You will want to let it cool and set up for about twelve hours.

Then you will want to take your template box apart and peel back your modeling clay that was used. Pull the silicon away from the template and you should have a mold. You will then need a hole in your mold in which you will pour plastic to create your initial object that you wanted to create. You will then pour your liquid plastic into the mold and your new item will come out flawless and perfect.

This is much easier than purchasing an expensive plastic mold machine or used plastic machines and if it fits your hobbyist needs, it might just be a perfect procedure for you.

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